Two common mistakes that can result in missed collection are –

  • Putting your trash out too late!
  •  Bringing the container back in too soon!
  1. Collection begins after 8:00 PM (unless you have been otherwise informed by your leasing office)If you put it out even a few minutes past 8:00 PM, the valet could possibly have already passed by your unit if he/she happened to begin at your building.
  2. Valets are permitted to work as late as midnight (depending on the night’s trash volume, as well as the size and layout of your community, it may sometimes take as long as 3-4 hours for them to finish up – particularly on a Sunday night).
  3. Residents are permitted to leave their containers out overnight (as long as they bring them back in the following morning before 9:00 AM).
  4. All trash must be bagged and tied securely (the only exception are flattened, bundled boxes).
  5. Always use the container provided (extra bags may be stacked on top of each other inside the container – keeping the lid open – most communities do not allow bags to be placed directly on the pavements as this can result in floor stains).

I followed all of those procedures and my trash still was not picked up!

We do apologize for this inconvenience. Please call Superior Trash Valet Services at 708.872.7410  so that this issue can be documented and forwarded to your community’s Superior Services manager. Residents can also visit our Customer Care page by Clicking here or they can email our customer care team directly at

Our office hours are Mon-Thurs 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM , Friday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM


I am not home between 6-8 pm and my property does not allow me to put my container out earlier. What should I do?

6:00-8:00 PM is the window of time that was agreed upon to allow residents to set their trash outside. If your work hours or other daily commitments do not allow you to adhere to this schedule, please contact your community manager to discuss.

How much do I have to pay for this service? Are you going to bill me?

Superior Trash is contracted by your property management. Superior Trash does not bill individual residents. You will need to direct this type of questions to your community leasing office.

I do not want your service. How can I cancel it?

We are sorry to hear that, but Superior Trash has been contracted by your property management to provide doorstep trash collection for all of your community’s residents. Our service is designed to control your entire property’s waste stream conveniently, consistently and in the most sanitary way. The communities we service generally do not offer individual residents an option to opt out of this service, but if you’d like, please inquire at your community leasing office.

I did not get a container, or my container is damaged, dirty or lost. How can I get a new one?

Your community leasing office assigns, distributes and tracks the valet trash containers for their residents, so please request one from your leasing office.

I do not want this Superior Trash container. Can you please come and pick it up?

Your community leasing office assigns and tracks your apartment unit’s container. The Superior doorstep trash collection service that your community management selected, does require that the container always be used for sanitary and aesthetic reasons. We hope that you will give it a try! If not, please contact your leasing office.

Violation Tag Questions

Why did you put this “violation” tag on my door?!

This tag lists the basic guidelines that every resident is asked to follow in order to improve and maintain the property’s aesthetics and sanitation, as well as to ensure that the collection process will run smoothly and efficiently.  Your community management has authorized and requested Superior Trash Valet Services to place these door tags as reminders to the residents of their expectations, and to encourage the cooperation of all.

Why did you put a tag on my door for leaving my container outside?

Residential communities do not allow their residents to leave containers out during the daytime simply because they want the property to look it’s best for all residents.  If your work hours or other daily commitments do not allow you to bring your container back inside by 9:00 AM, please contact your community manager to discuss.

But this tag says you are going to fine me!

If there are any fines involved, they are issued by, and paid to your leasing office. Fines are not paid to Superior Trash Valet Services. Superior Trash does not collect or benefit financially from any fines issued to residents, but we do work together with the leasing offices of the various properties we service, in order to help those property managers to uphold the standards that they have chosen for their communities. Every community is different in what they expect of their residents, and in what measures they may take to attain those goals. When requests, reminders, or other measures don’t produce the desired results, many communities do issue fines.  If you have been fined, please contact your community manager for further details.

Just putting my bags of trash out on the floor with no container was never a problem before. Why am I getting tagged for it now?

Nearly all of the communities we service strictly require that their residents use the containers provided for sanitary and aesthetic reasons. It seems that your property management has also now decided to begin enforcing this procedure at your community. If you have questions about this change of policy please contact your leasing office.


Where can I purchase Recycling blue bags? 

By clicking here or here.